Limited edition 15 pieces worldwide.

Made to order | It will be delivered within ten weeks.

Price : on request.

100% Made in France

Available in one colour Matte Black, handmade in taurillon leather sourced from French traditional tanneries.

Items made to order or pre-order are not refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged.


Inspiration :

Designed with traditional symbols of ancient Japanese fan in mind, yet converted into a modern Icon.

Asian culture is filled with many powerful symbols like the FAN, which represents elegance, royalty, respect and loyalty. We have created an abstract shape of necklace to include and to project all these values upon the lady wearing UCHIWA.

Each blade expresses a trait of character of the contemporary woman:

Active    Confident    Curious    Daring    Generous    Romantic

Honest    Discreet    Independent    Loyal     Humble   Wise