JEANNE • CHAVANY is a French brand of luxury handbags and accessories. Intensely creative and influenced by the world around, JEANNE • CHAVANY epitomises the ultimate in French quality with a unique, playful and innovative collection. Driven by a rare artistic flare and the desire to create a modern concept of real urban luxury, Carla Martin, the designer of the brand, displays an engaging sensitivity to leather. JEANNE • CHAVANY is inspired by tradition and a family in the fashion industry for generations. After over 15 years of international experience, the  founder unveils her refreshing creativity in this unique collection. With the soul of a craftsman, JEANNE • CHAVANY is a luxury leather brand advocating perfection and guaranteeing a quality level rarely achieved. Its creator takes extreme care over even the smallest of details to ensure pride in all her creations.


Finest leather selection from traditional French tanneries.


A gift tailored for those searching for unique products.


We are committed to preserve artisanal production and particularly the French know-how of our skilled artisans.


Sealing wax has been used for centuries as a symbol of power and authenticity. We value tradition and craftsmanship for understated exclusivity.

A JEANNE • CHAVANY piece is the lasting gift of modern French Chic in an exquisitely made leather handbag. JEANNE • CHAVANY designer bags are what ladies of the world have been waiting for. Free your femininity by displaying our bags on your arm! Our soft, simple lines reflect a sophistication of remarkable elegance. JEANNE • CHAVANY conjures with leather, shapes and colours, like a magician of the senses. The collection includes handbags and accessories in Luxury Leather of complete distinction such as; belts, bracelets and necklaces.

Discover our exquisite leather collection.