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Uncompromising and tireless quest to excel and to provide unconditional high quality- is our main focus. And it starts with the selection of the finest hides from old traditional French tanneries.

“Leather is such a magic material to work and transform. I simply love it, as it presents the natural marks of animal’s life, the veins, wrinkle and shades, show the authentic features of this living material. It is even more magic as the leathers grow in beauty each day, years after years. Truly magnificent” says our Founder, Carla MARTIN.

Product care instructions

Our leather is designed to age gracefully.

Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof. Leather should not be allowed to get wet but if they do, they should be wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to dry naturally. If your bag gets wet then never force-dry it by using heat. Do not place on radiators or use hair dryers, simply leave it in a place that is normal room temperature until it dries naturally.
Keep it out of hot temperatures, especially extreme heat, freezing temperatures, try to keep leather out of direct sunlight for long periods. To remove surface dirt, simply wipe the leather with a soft damp cloth.

Store your bag in its original dust bag and fill it with stuffing to maintain its shape.
Keep your leather bags stored in places that are dry and clean when you do not use them.
Air once every two weeks to halt the growth of mold.
Do not carry heavy objects inside your bags.
Avoid scratches – keep it away from sharp or metallic objects and generally give it careful consideration when handling and placing it down on the ground.