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We are defined by values and aim to serve through our Social COMMITMENT:


We support and want to protect the French “Savoir-faire” with 100% of our products being MADE IN FRANCE.

We wish to continue to perpetuate this same tradition of quality and perfection based on excellence and devotion passed down through generations of skilled and talented craftsmen passionate about their work.

Since the creation of our brand and even more now, we work with dedication, more passion, more attention to details, more patience and excellence, because we deeply believe that “BEAUTY HEALS THE SOUL”.

We have raised standards together with our craftsmen, committed to one single aim to preserve the well-known traditional French “Know-how”.


Our products are crafted by skilled fingers trained for decades. Crafted by the same skilled fingers that work with dedication to achieve excellence, to enchant and thrill us with their accuracy to create beautiful objects.

Crafted by the same skilled fingers that fill each product with positive energy and hide inside a powerful vibration of passion.

OUR SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY – A business with “ethics and morals at heart” that creates durable leather goods designed to last.

Quality, down to the tiniest detail, is our main focus. Starting with the selection of the finest hides from French tanneries, no compromise is allowed. Paying a lot of attention in sourcing only leather suppliers with CITES certification, guaranteeing humane treatment of animals and the preservation of species.

Our leather suppliers have a strong engagement to recycle and invest in technology to reduce energy and water. These parameters are the basis of a JEANNE • CHAVANY partnership, with the commitment to upholding social and environmental sustainability by personally meeting and visiting all of our suppliers of raw materials.

Each product is made upon request: this is one of our answers to reducing waste, whilst having transparency during production by sharing with customers the steps in the handcrafting process. Mass production does not fit our philosophy.

We take pride to say that our entire collection is designed and made in France, and we fully support fair labor working conditions.

“Our priority is to empower Women and support their interests.”

What if I told you that you are and always be empowered? Which comes from being confident in your own skin. There has always been a way of creating your life and continuously reinventing it. As the future belongs to exceptional women, “LADIES OF TOMORROW”, who have the capacity to face challenges and push boundaries with a courageous heart.  Their intellect and charisma, their thirst for adventure, their force to galvanize others are their drive to work towards the realization of their dreams.  We cannot help but admire their confidence, freedom from conformity and ambitious mind, because ultimately, we all want to feel this same level about ourselves.

Our Founder: “One of the causes we support and which is very dear to me on a personal note, is our “Inspirational Women Campaign” which has for purpose publishing portraits of women who inspire me and others in all aspects not just business. Its goals is to unite/ elevate women and making their voices heard.

Women from all industries from authors, founders, general managers, CEO to producer and art curator … with amazing journeys that will inspire women worldwide. This campaign has started from a personal desire to connect and create a community of like-minded women, championing, supporting and empowering women.

Indeed I use the brand’s voice to promote this Campaign, firstly because I do not have any blog or social media account, and secondly I strongly believe the purpose of a brand is no longer about selling, but to be deeply involved to make an impact, to educate, to inspire, to support. Also to communicate, interact and connect by sharing experience and knowledge. Such things the next generation won’t find explained in books.

I feel very humbled and honoured by all the amazing and wonderful ladies who joined and will continue to join it. Without them, this Campaign would not be possible. “Because when Women Support Women exceptional things happen.”


We all have a sense for the social concern to support charities. It is the ethical importance of our social responsibility.

Philanthropy is not only the ‘right thing to do’ but also strengthens company culture. Helping others and giving back to communities is hugely empowering and rewarding.

From the creation of the brand, Carla MARTIN injected all her personal values, principals and ethics. As JEANNE • CHAVANY is dedicated to contemporary business women, it was obvious for them to support education. Education is key in becoming an entrepreneur.

And so it made complete sense to team up with NGO PROFESSORS WITHOUT BORDERS, which relates directly to the brand’s values, to support education and empowerment in schools.

« New Beginnings » – Pen Case

« Education is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams » Nita Ambani

We are deeply honoured and proud to join forces with NGO PROFESSORS WITHOUT BORDERS whose mission is to provide free and equal access to quality education to all students, especially the women.

Their vision is to create a global community of academics and professionals who want to share their passion for knowledge with students around the world.

PROFESSORS WITHOUT BORDERS aims to bridge the educational divide between countries, as well as between students and their teachers. They aspire to halt the brain drain by bringing teachers in rather than taking students out.

In support of this venture, JEANNE • CHAVANY has designed a pen holder aptly named “New Beginnings” by their community. 10% of each purchase will be donated to support empowerment in schools.

Because :

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela.