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We are delighted to introduce to you  Ava ST.Pierre – author.

« Author of After The Storm- Breaking The Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion – survivor of a mother with debilitating mental illness and a product of both mental and physical child abuse. Sadly, Ava’s greatest loss as a child was losing her baby brother to abuse.

ST.Pierre is a multi-title pageant holder and has learned to achieve her best on stage with focus, vigor, poise and exquisite beauty. As a star athlete at age eleven, she learned how to optimize the power of physical strength and mental endurance. But for this gifted woman, life was rarely easy; for most of her childhood, she lived out a secret nightmare.

Ava is a mother of two, a grandmere` of four and is married to her high school sweetheart of thirty-nine years. She owns and operates two family owned-businesses- Rooster’s Outdoor Adventures, LLC and Queen Be Productions, LLC. “Own Your Kingdom”. She lives nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Ava recently released her inspirational memoir- After The Storm, whichhas received rave reviews for her honesty and inspiring story of overcoming a challenging childhood with triumph over adversity; how she chose to end the cycle of abuse in her family by showing love, grace and compassion to all; how to turn negatives into positive energy in order to make the world a better, more loving place. After The Storm is currently working on two projects in turning Ava’s autobiography into film. One is a short film with world renown artist, fashion photographer and Florence, Italy based director – Rossano B. Maniscalchi and team. As well as a documentary for ‘International Women’s Day’ with Magnascope Media LLC. Led by CEO and Executive Producer Angela “Ella” Kastman Corr. In sharing Ava’s true life story on a bigger platform, she hopes to continue to give back through her message(s).

About the Book:

Ava ST.Pierre has never played the victim; through faith and courage, she found a better tomorrow. Her true-life story will inspire you to never give up hope. As a young girl, oftentimes, Ava knew her saving grace was to hide quietly behind the living room couch and wait for the whirlwind of her mother’s rage to pass.

Throughout her teen and young adult years, Ava had to learn how to break the effects of debilitating mental illness that her mother suffered from and effectuated in violence toward her and six siblings. Even as Ava witnessed her mother’s steady decline, she chose to follow her father’s lead- to live a life of genuine, empathetic compassion and enlightenment, helping others survive after their own storm and speaking up for the helpless and haunted. As memories of abuse impress upon the psyche, a heart of love and forgiveness will always pave the way to rise above such chaos. With assistance from her daughter and co-author, Sheree’ Cogburn, Ava ST.Pierre’s story is a perfect testimony to the power of love, faith and forgiveness. As expected from a beauty queen, After The Storm includes details and photos from the pageant arena, but the most surprising twist is the message that shines through about the beauty within.

Through wisdom of experience Ava inspires others to have courage to tell the grueling truths. She has learned it’s incredibly freeing to write and talk about her once hidden past and shed a positive light on how to break the cycles of abuse. Ava has learned through her life’s journey, there is brightness and goodness in the world. Darkness and storms, we all have faced, will show rainbows and light in the world God has planned for each of us.

Ava shows through actions to champion a voice of strength to not feel the guilt or shame of a secret past. Sharing her story across the globe in hopes of helping many families and children with similar life struggles and experiences. She became a beauty queen for the sole purpose of helping to make a difference and using the sash and crown in a deeper and more meaningful way. There is beauty within that exists in all of us. Ava continues to use the sash and crown as a tool and stepping stone to create greater awareness for those affected by mental illness, child abuse and life struggles. She is a positive role model for others and shows those she meets love and compassion. Ava’s goal even as a young teenage mother was to always strive to be the best mother she could because her mother didn’t have the chance to be present in her seven children’s lives. Ava treasures her children and grandchildren, in honor of her and the mother she would have been if not for her illness. Thank God for the small things, always carrying a positive attitude because she has seen heartbreak in her life and has come out the other side stronger and braver for the experiences. »

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