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We are thrilled to introduce to you Jacqueline HARVEY, author and business woman.

« My name is Jacqueline Harvey. I am a company director, entrepreneur author and health and business consultant, with over 20 years experience in health and wellbeing. I am based in London, working predominately in Mayfair and Covent Garden, but have also worked on projects in Tuscany, the South of France and West Africa. My business career started at 19 years old, whilst studying philosophy and sociology at Goldsmiths University, when my then partner and I set up an annual jazz festival in Covent Garden. It became a huge success and I made a lot of money from it. From a very young age I had to be self sufficient, as my mother was a single mother of 8 and there wasn’t enough to go around. After graduation I worked at Deloitte as a trainee accountant, which put me in good stead for all my future business activities. There was no money to be made in philosophy. I also had an athletic and sport background from school and college, but my father said at that time there was no money to be made in sport. How wrong he was. I always felt passionate about helping women to achieve the best body shape they could with the aid of exercise and nutrition, giving them confidence and good health. To achieve this and find something that I could feel passionate about, accounting and the corporate world were not for me. Whilst still at Deloitte I decided to train and become qualified as a personal fitness trainer. I soon realised that I had a lot more to offer than just physical training. Through working on my own health issues and those of my clients, I discovered that fitness was only one part of a more complex route to being healthy – fitness is part of a holistic philosophy based on mind, body and spirit. I voraciously studied well being philosophies from around the world as well as, nutrition, meditation, and neurolinguistic programming. In 1996 I decided to pool all this knowledge into my first book Your Health is Your Wealth, which was rejected many times before being published by Hay House in 2008. The book was well received but didn’t make me a lot of money. However I became the first person in my family, not only to graduate from university, but to have a book published. In 2006 I set up Crystal Clear Health Ltd which put my ideas from the book into practice, bringing together health programmes for lifestyle generated illnesses. In 2013 the business won The ERB award for best health care and well being business in the UK. Although I loved personal training and working with my clients in every way, the income stream was unstable and seasonal, and ultimately not enough to enable me to buy my own home, so I had to employ other skills that I had including, modeling, journalism and temping in order to pay the bills. I was inspired to write two further books, Boost you’re energy in Four weeks, which was sponsored by Essentials magazine and serialised in The Daily Express, followed by Body Cycles which came out last year. Having worked as a consultant for many years for other lifestyle businesses and luxury brands, I was asked to help set up a contemporary art gallery in Mayfair. Art had always been a love of mine and I had the opportunity to support a woman in starting her own business with the local knowledge and contacts to increase the potential for the gallery to succeed. The gallery has grown to the extent that we are now in the process of staring a women’s art fair for 2019, My next health project is very exciting and could change the way we access and experience natural healthcare care on the UK. What are the causes you support (your commitment/ charity)? Foremost, I support my family and friends and neighbours in the local community. Charity begins at home for me. I volunteer my time to a local housing association helping vulnerable individuals to be heard and cared for. I also support a charity organization in Africa called The Earth Centre, which develops safe drinking water facilities and farming programmes to create environmentally friendly self-sufficiency. I strongly believe from my life experience that women still don’t have the opportunities, treatment and pay that men have and I try and help motivate, support and inspire the women I meet to grab the best in life. If you have a message to pass, what it would be? » In my experience to be successful you really need to persevere, tenacious and be ready to fight for what you want – nothing will come easily. »

Twitter: @jkh_health