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We are delighted to share with you our interview “Questions and Answers with Marin MINAMIYA, who scaled Everest at 19 years old”

Carla MARTIN: Please introduce yourself for those who do not know you yet. Kindly tell us about your background?

Marin MINAMIYA: Hello I am Marin Minamiya. Carla, thank you very much for featuring my story.

I am currently a university student from Tokyo. I have lived abroad due to my father’s job since I was 18 months old. While studying at my university I have become the youngest person in the world to complete The Explorer’s Grand Slam (to climb all the highest peaks in each continent and reach both the North and South poles). Currently, I am back at university studying political science and economics.

CM: What was your path to the role you have now?

MM: Growing up abroad, I yearned for a stronger grasp over my own identity. After my parent’s divorce, I decided that I was going to steer the course of my own life. At 17 years old, I wanted to overcome my own internal mountain as well as encourage more people to pursue their dreams, so I launched a project to climb Mt. Everest (as the youngest person in Japan). My dream expanded from climbing Mt. Everest to the 7 Summits and then to The Explorer’s Grand Slam. I am eternally grateful to those that dreamt this dream with me.

Once I had completed the project, I thought of what to do next. Adventure-wise, I plan to sail around the world one day. My name is Marin, so I inevitably feel destined to be at sea. Initially, I felt rushed to do this within a couple of years, but I have come to realize that there’s timing to everything and that joy/bliss is in the process, not the destination. To add a little more story and background… when I was younger, I had a conversation with my father about where we’d go after death, and in that conversation my father mentioned to me that he’d like to have his bones dispersed in the 7 seas rather than be buried. I always remembered this – I don’t see myself sailing just yet!

As a student, I feel as if I am in a long (and well needed) transit right now. Next, onto the chapter of entrepreneurship!

CM: Tell us what is your success mindset?

MM: Being goal orientated, focused, and excited. Pulling the strings of adventure and stability in harmony.

Success holds different meaning for each person. I believe, with all the varieties of experiences that life can bring – being excited now and staying excited for what lies ahead is what fuels motivation for achieving more, ultimately leading to success. Excitement isn’t a state that comes along without doing anything, but it’s a state which you actively create for yourself.

CM: What was your biggest challenge you faced until now?

MM: Creating positively affirming habits.

There have been times in the past where I could only see the chaos of this world instead of abundance and beauty. When you step into a path that leads you deeper into a worrisome mindset, it can get challenging to get out of it. Seeing yourself from a different perspective and consciously putting yourself in a positively affirming mindset/environment requires deep understanding of where you are at ‘now’. Travelling out of your comfort zone and exploring different worlds through literature are both great ways to see the world from a different point of view.

At the end of the day, there is no one else that has lived the same exact life as you, so you have to decide and create what is best for yourself in hopes that it will also bring good to others. Deciding on where the goal is and going for it requires courage.

CM: I would like to know what is the best advice you have been given? May I ask who gave it to you?

MM: Lots of great advices out there. It’s important to keep refreshing your memory on those great advices so they can quickly jump to the surface when you need them. The best way to keep them fresh is through action. As soon as you receive a good advice, make it a habit to immediately implement it to your life! That’s an advice for all advices.

CM:  With everything you have achieved, what would you say your greatest achievement is?

MM: Yet to come! Loading…

CM: What was the most challenging moment in your life? And how did you manage to overcome it?

MM: To the question asked before, ‘What was your biggest challenge you faced until now?’ – My answer was, breaking the habit of non-affirmative thinking.

I have noticed that unpleasant challenging moments arise when I give an ambiguous yes. Having a deep yes towards a goal is one thing but being committed and sharply focused is another! Being able to say no to occasions that don’t align with your goals is essential. When I spend too much time doing what doesn’t bring out joy in the long term, that eventually becomes my reality, and my mind starts producing unpleasant thoughts and visit dark places. I have had low lows and I thought I might never come out of it. It was a dark, scary, lonely place.

When you visit that dark place, every day becomes miserable. Even food stops possessing the energy to fuel your desire to live another day. At my lowest, I was going to sleep hoping there’s no tomorrow, and waking up wishing I hadn’t woken up. It was horrible. I’d lie in bed crying, thinking how this could come to an end.

This moment developed ultra-strong perseverance in me and taught me about constantly aligning my decisions with my deeper ‘yes’. Looking back, the challenging moments have broadened my capability to experience a whole new level of gratitude and joy! Getting out required consistent action to climb out of the pit, along with a clear plan and direction.

CM: From your entire professional experience, what was your most exciting project up to now?

MM: Right now! I am excited about a couple of projects which I am working on.

CM: Who inspires you today?

MM: The story makers. My role models, despite setbacks in their life, have time and again stood up to pursue their great inner calling. I am inspired by those who weave a beautiful story using time.

CM: Do you have a secret talent?

MM: Oh yes. I believe we can be talented at almost anything! Focus, practice, vision are key.

My own favorite secret talent is baking, particularly pies. Chocolate pies!

CM: You found your passion, in your opinion how does everyone find their own passion?

MM: Almost anything can become your passion, to pursue it or not, is up to you. Whether your passion blossoms into success depends on numerous factors. Timing certainly plays a big role. The people around you can influence your life in ways which you have never imagined. The main factor, is how much you can believe and create stronger ‘reasons’.

CM: If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

MM: I am changing!

CM: Thank you so much Marin for your time and kindness to answer my questions.