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We are delighted to introduce to you Polly Alexandre, an international Success Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.

« With a background in fashion, advertising & photography before becoming a coach and healer, I am a serial entrepreneur and leading money block coach. I mentors & coach ambitious, creative women to overcome their past and the blocks & fears holding them back, so they can truly fulfill all their potential in life and business.

I help women overcome their negative money beliefs & write a new money story so they can create the money to live the life of their dreams, and in the process become more empowered, more confident, more peaceful, free and happy.

My vision is true abundance for everyone!

I didn’t always think like this however! Like many people, I grew up with the message that you work hard and life is a struggle & you should be grateful for what you have. There was never enough money and that’s just how it was. Like many women of our generation my parents grew up during & in the aftermath of the second world war and were the products of a generation that knew scarcity, struggle and lack & fear first hand.

It wasn’t until decades later that I realized these experiences were the foundations of my own belief system, and that we inherit our programming about how the world works largely from our parents, but also from the generations before us. It’s literally in our DNA.

At 19, I was called to go on my first silent meditation retreat & it blew my mind. I remember even the traffic lights looked brighter on the way home. Life seemed richer, more vibrant & I felt more peaceful and in the flow. The power we have through our own minds over how we experience life was set in my mind right then.

I went on to do a Psychology degree (although I really wanted to go to art school) and then studied Fashion Promotion and began my working career.

The world of advertising agencies was exciting, it was the dot-com boom; money was flying around and the parties were fun and exciting – but my role as a planner wasn’t. I was in the wrong department, not playing to my strengths, and I became disillusioned and longed to break free.

I remember taking my one and only sick day off work, and drawing out a future vision for my life, one where I lived on a sunny island by the beach & where I did something I really loved for a living.

I knew deep down anything was possible, and at 28, I bravely made the leap from corporate to being a creative, and running my own business based on my passion for photography. It was a steep learning curve and the start of me truly claiming my freedom about how I choose to work & live.

In the new era of digital photography & everyone switching over, I stayed true to my heart and make a decision to shoot film. This proved to be core to my success – and I quickly became very successful as my work stood out from the crowd. I was featured heavily in magazines and online, and secured amazing weddings all over the world.

It was time to realize the dream of that magical life in the sun…… fiercely determined, I didn’t take No for an answer when my financial advisor said to come back in a couple of years time. It was 2008 & the banks were going bust & the world was in financial crisis – but I knew it was my time. I just had to push through, get creative and figure out a way to make it happen.

I stopped engaging in any conversations about the poor state of the economy, stepped away from negative people, and turned odd the TV & radio. Every night I immersed myself in books about Ibiza and imagined myself there.

With a mortgage offer valid for just 30 days, I set out manifest my dream home on the beautiful island of Ibiza. 6 weeks later I was the proud owner of a lovely home walking distance from the beach with magical sunset views.

In December 2010 we packed everything up in the 4 wheel drive, and with the cat on the dashboard set off for the epic drive down to Ibiza.

Could life get any better? As I sat watching the sunset over Es Vedra, a giant rock off the coast of Ibiza & one of the most magnetic places on Earth, I felt truly blessed. I remember saying to my partner, “I just don’t want anything to change”.

Less than 2 years later, I would have lost almost everything in my life. First my Mum passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, my father got cancer, and then my new husband walked out in my first year of marriage, and then went on to almost die. More losses followed, including eventually, my beloved island home.

I learned to survive when the worst that could happen is happening. I learned what it is to go to the very depths of despair, and what it is to handle grief, loss, pain, heartbreak.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, I learned to rise again, I become very strong, I dug deep inside myself to survive and figure out my next steps.

It was time to start a new dream.

I followed the calling on a new path, took on a high level mentor, trained as a coach, and I created a new 6 figure business in just 13 months. Within 2 years, I had a multiple 6 figure creative and coaching business. I was travelling the world and rediscovering my power and my joy.

I learned the power of transforming my beliefs, especially around money, and my photography career soared too – I fulfilled a long held dream of shooting for Martha Stewart Weddings and even having my own cover.

But still something was missing.

At the end of 2016, I serendipitously came across a modality called Theta Healing, and it opened up a whole new level of transformation. Women (and men) have such deep inner wisdom yet we’re disconnected from that most of the time. Through wonderful spiritual teachers I learned how to identify and clear the deep subconscious programming that holds us back.

My intuitive abilities grew tremendously. My toolkit was stronger than ever and I saw the transformation in my own clients when I supported them with the combination of coaching & deep inner healing.

When we clear a lifetime of limiting beliefs, and create a new vision for the future, magic happens.

Creating becomes more effortless, we feel more empowered, and the outer world begins to reflect our new inner world. More money, more opportunities, more peace of mind, more self love, more time and location freedom….

I help women make more money, through the deep inner transformation and clearing of all the negative beliefs that have built up over a lifetime. I help them get back in their power and let go of the old stuff that’s holding them back.

Quite simply, I support women to fulfill their potential.

One of the greatest & deepest fears we hold is not fulfilling our potential in life.

I believe are all like diamonds, that just lost their shine over time. I help women rediscover that diamond, clean it up and polish it, so they can be all they came here to be in this lifetime. I help them move past abuse, trauma, low self worth, lack of confidence and into claiming their gifts, their potential and all the abundance that’s waiting for them.

Through my business, I support women one on one in high level Private Coaching, and through my Group Coaching Programme, Money Beautifully, an online Group Coaching Programme to transform your Money Story and Clear your Money Blocks. My heart lights up every day when I see the transformation happening with the women I work with,.

I work with a variety of clients from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, the Middle East & Europe, which includes coaches starting their coaching business or looking to go the next level, to women seeking their purpose and passion & who are ready to make the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship, and women seeking to go to the next level in their life and business.

This lifetime has been one huge journey and I’m only half way through. I’ve learned that whilst we are the Creator of our own lives, we are also spiritual souls having a human journey and there are many things we will be called to surrender to and experience that we do not choose on a conscious level.

It’s part of our path to discover the learnings, surrender to the journey and seek the magic.

The message I would share with women reading this is that you have the power to write a new dream at any time. You have everything you need inside you, don’t be scared to get support, and the best money you ever invest will be the money you invest in yourself.

Uncover and transform your relationship with money – it’s one of the biggest relationships in your life, and one that you have the power to write a new story around.

Be open to new ways of seeing the world, follow your intuition – it’s one of your greatest gifts & it will never lead you wrong – and know that you have the power inside you to overcome your fears and manifest all of your dreams and desires.

Never accept something as ‘just how it is’. Everything is a metaphor & you are a spiritual being having a human journey.

Take risks, be brave, know you stronger than you realise, follow your desires, listen to your soul, share love & be kind. »