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We are delighted to share with you our interview “Questions and Answers with Mirjana PERKOVIC founder and CEO of LookStyler”.

Carla MARTIN: Please introduce yourself for those who do not know you yet. Kindly tell us about your background and your business? How you decided to create your business?

Mirjana PERKOVIC: I am the founder and CEO of LookStyler, a global marketplace for fashion tourism. We organize shopping and styling tours in over 70 cities worldwide. I decided to create this business after having traveled to over 100 countries and because I always loved fashion and travel. LookStyler bridges the gap by introducing high potential luxury shoppers to local luxury fashion businesses with a shopping experience designed just for them.

CM: What was your path to the role you have now?

MP: This is my second startup. I used to run a platform for customized luxury clothing.

CM: What does a typical working day look like for you?

MP: I am either traveling or I am in New York or Belgium. I love starting my day with exercise or yoga and I like to work late. I would usually spend every day of the week working on LookStyler.

CM: Tell us what is your success mindset?

MP: I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to in life.

CM: What was your biggest challenge on the personal side also business side? 

MP: Building a successful business is a marathon not a sprint. It takes grit and survival skills to make your business work.

CM: I would like to know what is the best advice in business you have been given? May I ask who gave it to you? 

MP: I follow many successful people. I like the saying “to fail fast and not to be afraid of failure”.

CM: For a young entrepreneur, what advice would you give? 

MP: I would tell young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and just go for it.

CM: With everything you have achieved, what you would say your greatest achievement is? 

MP: I think I have always been brave enough to flow my dreams even if all odds are against me. Being brave creates power.

CM: What was the most challenging moment in your life? And how did you manage to overcome it? 

MP: Building this business has been the most challenging and I just keep going and keep learning something new every day.

CM: From your entire professional experience, what was your most exciting project up to now? 

MP: I would definitely say LookStyler.

CM: What is your business current focus? 

MP: LookStyler. Scaling this business.

CM: What charity do you support? 

MP: I am strongly passionate about helping female entrepreneurs. I also support charities related to children or animals in need.

CM: Who inspires you today? 

MP: All successful female entrepreneurs I look up to, especially the self-made ones like Sara Blakely or Oprah.

CM: Do you have a secret talent? 

MP: I am very intuitive and I can read people well which helps in business.

CM: You found your passion, in your opinion how does everyone find their own passion? 

MP: You need to ask yourself what makes you the happiest and what sets your soul on fire.

CM: If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? 

MP: I would distribute wealth more equally.

CM: Thank you so much Mirjana for your time and kindness to answer my questions.