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We are delighted to share with you our interview “Questions and Answers with Nathalie SEILER-HAYEZ” General Manager of BEAU-RIVAGE PALACE Lausanne.

Carla MARTIN: Please introduce yourself for those who do not know you yet. Kindly tell us about your background and your business?

Nathalie SEILER-HAYEZ: I have been working and managing luxury hotels since 1995 from Hong Kong and New York to Paris and London and now Switzerland.

Currently I am the General Manager of the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, an amazing property with 400 employees, 4 restaurants, 168 rooms, a beautiful spa.

CM: What was your path to the role you have now?

NSH: I used to work in sales and marketing, which helped me to better understand the needs of our guests and where our revenue is coming from. Then, I realized how much I enjoyed being part of a team and managing, developing people.

CM: What does a typical working day look like for you?

NSH: In hotel business you never know… but I usually start my working day at 7h45. I often run before work for 45mn…then I have lots of different reports to read as our hotel is open 24/7 so you need to understand what has happened the evening/night before. Then I have lots of different meetings with staff, guests, suppliers etc… you have to work on your strategy and at the same time you have to make sure your operation is going on well. You deal with revenue management, PR, sales, Marketing, Finance, technical issues, lots of HR…, interior design projects, food concept, sustainability, wellness concept, restaurant/bar innovation etc… There is no routine… it’s very intense but fabulous if you are passionate.

CM: Tell us what is your success mindset?

NSH: I am always very positive and focused on objectives.

CM: What was your biggest challenge on the personal side also business side?

NSH: Finding the right balance between your job and your professional life is essential. My biggest challenge is to find time for myself which is key if you want to be able to give.

CM: For a young entrepreneur, what advice would you give?

NSH: Believe in yourself, work hard and build your network.

CM: With everything you have achieved, what would say your greatest achievement is?

NSH: “Being happy” … and also finishing the NYC marathon!

CM: What was the most challenging moment in your life? And how did you manage to overcome it?

NSH: September 11 2001 while I was living in Manhattan, I saw the plane crash from my office window then the first building collapsed.

I understood that we should cherish every moment of our life

CM: From your entire professional experience, what was your most exciting project up to now?

NSH: Opening a hotel in Bordeaux was an amazing experience.

CM: What charity do you support?
 Make a Wish and Planete Enfants Malades, both dedicated to children.

CM: Who inspires you today?

NSH: So many people…

CM: If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be?

NSH: No more unfairness.

CM: Thank you so much Nathalie for your time and kindness to answer my questions.